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Rice Marketing provide independent retail marketing consultancy to a host of clients across the private and public sector.


Since 2009, Rice Marketing have been the leading marketing consultancy working with Local Authorities, the GLA and Charities on localised initiatives to deliver a healthier food economy.  Working with independent convenience stores owner -  who play a vital role within their communities - to increase the availability of healthier options at affordable prices, particular to lower income families. 

What started as a local conversation to improve the healthier options available for local people, has now developed into a national discussion on how the wholesale food industry can support their retailers to overcome the barriers identified in achieving this.


What We Do

making change happen

  • Consumer Insights

  • Buying Behaviours

  • Merchandising

  • Category Management

  • Reducing Health Inequalities

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  • Good Food Initatives

  • Healthy High Streets

  • Sustainability Planning

  • Healthy Food Choices

  • Full Lifecycle Strategy

  • Plug in Marketing

  • Strategy Planning

  • Campaign Management

  • Brand Marketing

  • Profitability Modelling

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about us

Starting with the premise that everyone has the right to eat healthily, here at Rice Marketing we work with initiatives across London to shine a light on health issues such as obesity and food poverty...and help to solve them.


Through education and connecting food partners, together we can create a Good Food Economy that offers healthy food choices accessible to all.

A profitable healthy food strategy

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Here at Rice Marketing our approach is simple. We listen to business owners, find solutions to their challenges and then roll up our sleeves to deliver, bringing in new customers and sales growth month on month.  We know the answers because we have over 30 years’ experience of customer and retail marketing in food and can apply the principles to other related consumer markets, most recently in fitness.


Rice Marketing Founder, Stephanie Rice, has an unrivalled understanding of the UK Symbol and convenience sector and the important role that these play in the local community.


As a trusted consultant to the GLA, London Boroughs and leading UK charities we are proud to have developed initiatives with convenience stores, wholesalers and market to promote healthier food environments in deprived areas of London.

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The Good Food Wholesale and Retail Pilot was set up to improve access to healthier food options in the London Borough of Southwark, by increasing the range of healthier products sold in the borough’s local convenience stores. The project was co-funded by Impact on Urban Health and Southwark Council and delivered by Rice Marketing.

Following on from the pilot the Good Food Initiative  is going from strength to strength. We are delighted to announce that we will be working with Impact on Urban Health for the next three years building on our success to date.

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who we work with

  • ​​We work with Councils and Charities primarily in London to reduce childhood obesity by tackling food inequality

  • We offer practical advice to policy makers in London to help protect a diverse food supply

  • We help to educate local convenience retailers in the importance and business benefit of offering healthier food and drink options, so families in deprived areas get better access 

  • We work with major wholesalers and their suppliers, supported by the FWD

  • We introduce new initiatives to improve communities – Home Food Deliveries for locals during the Coronavirus Pandemic and business support for independent High Street shops

  • We help medium-sized independent retailers offer an alternative to large scale supermarkets, by building a strong local identity through range analysis and supporting community stakeholders – e.g. local producers, local community groups - to grow the local economy. 

  • We enable small start-ups or owners of medium sized businesses to punch above their weight by asking the right questions and then helping them keep on track. 

  • We help inspire global retailers by showing them the very best in London food and drink trends through our partnership with Insight Research.

  • We understand the UK Symbol and Wholesale sector which allows us to advise media companies and suppliers on the right approach. 

  • We help great independent fitness companies tell their story better through a coordinated content marketing plan to encourage more people to benefit. 

Just some of our clients

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Impact on Urban Health - Black Logo
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Our Clients

how we think

Our involvement is highly flexible and can range from a complete brand overhaul, strategy development to delivering campaign plans. Whatever deliverable we work on our approach is always the same.

  • We listen

  • We ask the right questions. We get under the surface. We analyse information

  • We listen again

  • We collect meaningful data 

  • We respect our clients - their needs, wants and capabilities

  • We observe their boundaries – both practical and financial 

  • We never impose. We are always respectful

  • We listen again

  • Then we go to work…


The results speak for themselves...


what our clients say

“We look forward to continuing our partnership with Rice Marketing, working on engaging with convenience stores and wholesalers. Following a successful pilot, we will aim to further increase access to healthy, affordable options in convenience stores in Lambeth and Southwark.


With Rice Marketing’s unique expertise in the sector, we hope this project can both achieve local impact and influence at a national level.“

—  James Shearman, Portfolio Manager at Impact on Urban Health


As part of the government's Healthy Eating Agenda we have been partnering with charities and London Boroughs on a series of  good food initiatives to tackle food inequality and offer access to, and a wider range of, healthy food choices. We are working directly with Wholesale and Retail to show they can supply and promote health options while still making a profit.

Find out more about our recently completed  pioneering pilot projects;

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