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We have over 30 years experience in delivering on all aspects of retail marketing in London from helping small start ups to launching new supermarket formats.​

Mid Counties
Retail Marketing Consultancy: Retail Format


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"Rice Marketing helped us articulate a clear positioning for our premium supermarkets because they clearly understand the needs of a premium customer. This led to our concept store over-achieving its sales launch target by 15%.


They offered a level of skill and senior expertise which proved invaluable to our in-house team, ranging from leadership to format and category management skills.


Rice Marketing have provided us a blueprint for micro and macro space and we look forward to involving them in developing our formats in the future.”


—  Phil Ponsonby - Chief Executive Officer (trading) at The Midcounties Co-operative

Healthy High Streets
Retail Marketing Consultancy: Customer Insight



Stephanie developed the “Quality from Small Producers” brand in response to the consumer demand for authentic, local products. She created a route to market for 20 local producers into SSP and their London distributor. She and her team developed in-store materials, 'Meet The Supplier' events for store teams, a sampling programme and a brand overlay across 12 impulse categories. She engaged the Operations team with regular communication regarding provenance and promotion. The result was a 2.5% incremental increase in sales. 


She and her team went on to host “The Local Village” at Palmer and Harvey’s annual trade event which gave 25 small independent producers a route to market into the UK’s then largest wholesaler.


This experience has given her a detailed understanding of the challenges faced by small and start -up brands into both retail and wholesale channels as well as a deep respect for their passion for food and drink, their skill and expertise.

Retail Marketing Consultancy: Placemaking


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“Stephanie came highly recommended as a London expert with a unique skill set of brand marketing and consumer engagement. She had extensive knowledge and experience of London boroughs, place-making activity, stakeholder engagement and brand activation.  


Stephanie instinctively knew where and how to find our first location and work with local community stakeholders to activate the brand. Stephanie’s advice has been invaluable in giving us the support we needed as a start-up to help shape our vision. Moreover, Stephanie asked all the right questions for us to think about as we set ourselves up from scratch.

This resulted in our first location being a prime spot at Spitalfields Market from which we are now well prepared to expand to multiple sites across Central London.” 

—  Sidd Bhatt, Founder, BEMA

Ex-city worker and Founder Sidd Bhat had a vision to help Londoners lead healthier, happier lives by developing fast, conscious food that was wholesome and balanced.


Working with London’s best nutritionists and chefs, he developed a range of three plant-based bowls that were nutritionally superior to any other plant-based food on the market that he wanted to launch in a high-profile London location. 


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